Praline and Apricot Sphere

White Chocolate Sphere filled with layers of Hazelnut Sponge, Apricot Mousse
and an Apricot Gelee


Toffee Apple Verrine

Calvados Panacotta, Caramalised Apple Sphere, Fennel Cake and Mini Cinnamon Toffee Apple


Burnt Orange Tart

Pate Brisee filled with Blood Orange Curd, Thyme Baby Meringues and Caramalised Orange Crisps


Elderflower and Raspberry Éclair

Éclair Filled with Elderflower Cream with a Mini Raspberry Macaroon


Peach Melba Verrine

Peach Cremeaux, Raspberry Jelly, Toasted Frangipane with Peach Curd


Blueberry, Lemon and White Chocolate Religious

Crisp Choux buns one filled with Blueberry Cream another with Lavender Cream with White Chocolate Glaze and a Dust of Lemon


Pistachio and Cherry Petit Gateaux

Pistachio Cake Layered with Tarragon Mousse, and Kirsch soaked Cherries, glazed with Dark Chocolate and Pistachio Dust


Chocolate and Bourbon Tart

Dark Chocolate Pastry filled with Milk Chocolate Creameaux, Pecan Sponge and Bourbon Gelee


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Laura Thomas said...

Pudding and Prosecco were perfect for me, with their use of fresh and seasonal ingredients and delicious Prosecco cocktails perfect for any event. Their food is utterly delicious and her presentation was beyond bespoke! I can't recommend them enough!