• Spumante Brut VSQ – Rose

    Measures icon 70cl

    With a refined pink color, it is extremely elegant and its persistent perlage emphasizes all the freshness of this sparkling wine. It has a nose of strawberries, cherries, grapes and roses. Optimum for carrying out the retro nasal passage that leaves a retro na- sal taste pleasantly soft, fresh and fruity. The taste is clean, dry, fresh. It is ideal as an aperitif or as combination for appetizers, light starters and fish dishes.

    Light starters, appetizers or as an aperitif

    Origin of the Spumante Brut VSQ – Rose rive-della-chiesa-vino-spumante-rose
  • Rive Della Chiesa – Prosecco Spumante Extra Dry DOC Treviso

    Measures icon 70cl

    The single grape Glera in its basic version shows us its elegance and simplicity. It’s proving all of its quality that has rendered it a compul- sory drink for all the “bollicine” (bubbles) lovers. The lightness and pleasantness together with a lovely fragrance have made of this version the ideal every day aperitif drink. It can be served alone or with various entrees. The outstanding froth and the freshness tell us how elegant and
    and delicate alcoholic percentage which never appears to be too much make of this Prosecco an easy drinking, but at the same time fascinating wine. In the nose and in the taste it gives the sense of a very appreciable smooth and fresh, aftertaste that well combine with the smoothness of its characteristics. Goes well with sea fish, sauced horse d’oeuvre and aromatic first courses or soups. Moreover it’ s a good pairing with several dessert, for example with fritters.

    Great with sea fish, soups and desserts

    Origin of the Rive Della Chiesa – Prosecco Spumante Extra Dry DOC Treviso rive-della-chiesa-extra-dry-prosecco
  • Rive Della Chiesa – Prosecco Spumante Brut DOC Treviso

    Measures icon 70cl

    Jewel among the sparkling wines of Azienda Agricola Rive della Chiesa the Prosecco Brut DOC Treviso is prepared with only the best Glera grapes harvested by hand in the estate’s vineyards. Thanks to a scrupulous selection made during the harvest this wine represents the perfect marriage of the pleasantness (and “youth”) of Glera vine quality, the alcoholic strength and the extract that only a soil, so rich in mineral components like the Montello hills, can give to the grapes. After a maceration carried out at a strictly controlled low temperature the wine ferments at 18°C for about two weeks in stainless still tanks. Its qualities are due to the selected yeast that harvest by harvest the estate choose. Prelude to all this is a severe management of the vineyards and of the production per hectare. The taste remind to the Golden apple, exotic fruits and withered wild flower. Great concentration with an unexpected long finish. Thanks to its solid structure it is perfect with all through the meal and it can “dare” accompaniments with great specialities.

    Versatile - goes with many

    Origin of the Rive Della Chiesa – Prosecco Spumante Brut DOC Treviso rive-della-chiesa-brut-prosecco
  • Prosecco Spumante Superiore dry Asolo DOCG “Gasparetto”

    Measures icon 70cl

    Straw yellow colour with light green glints. When it is poured its perlage is persistent and it is accompanied by a persistent and evanescent froth. Marked and definite are the hints of apple and yellow pulp peach together with a clear flavour of pineapple. The nose is characterised by a marked perfume of yellow flowers and of just-mowed hay. The taste is full, warm but also fresh and quite and at the same time its is intense and persistent. Thanks to its freshness and to its structure this wine is an ideal drink with sea-fish, sauced horse d’oeuvre and aromatic first courses or soups. It is perfect with “Saltimbocca alla Romana” and it goes very well with tripe soup and vegetables. As aperitif Prosecco Spumante Superiore Asolo Docg can be a good introduction to the great pleasure of a good meal.

    Aromatic courses and sea fish

    Origin of the Prosecco Spumante Superiore dry Asolo DOCG “Gasparetto” gasparetto-asolo-prosecco

All our Prosecco are served at the optimum temp of 6-7°

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The classic cocktail from venice, peach nectar & sparkling chilled prosecco.

Pomegranite fizz

Exactly as you would expect . Sparkling prosecco with sweet pomegranite syrup & complimented with slice of fresh lime.

Forager’s fizz

For those of you with a fruity pallet , slow gin – blackberries & bubbles.

Aperol spritz

Get your summer swinging with this gem – sparkling prosecco ,aperol & dash of soda , finished off with slice of fresh orange..Delicious!!!

Katie Paton said...

Pudding and Prosecco are in a class of their own, after using them for my 40th birthday party I wouldn't go anywhere else.