Pudding and Prosecco was a concept conceived in the late afternoon over a glass of chilled Prosecco in the South of France. An idea that had been thought up many years ago was suddenly made a reality. Our ethos is to bring some of the light and scent of the British summer to your event with sweetness and bubbles.

Bringing you puddings based on French techniques with flavours of the British seasons and matched with the perfect Prosecco’s, which we tirelessly scoured the Italian countryside to find! Caroline and Baz are very passionate about sourcing the best in terms of ingredient’s, using as much locally and organic produce as possible, knowing that they are getting the best of British each season.

From there it has grown with “Little Beast” popping up at festivals across the country and private events happening in unusual and exciting spaces. We hope you will come and find us at one of our many events and try some of our magical puddings whilst sipping on chilled Prosecco.

Caroline & Baz x